Marcel Koggel 

I was born in 1966, in the countryside near Ommen, Holland. I like to be outdoors. Too young for the old folktales but old enough to see the remains disappear.

A sense of melancholy for a time which I have not experienced. Reading about mythology, fairytales, history and archaeology helps me a little bit to rebuild that world. Also books of writers as Tolkien form a source of inspiration. Sometimes I am with my head in the clouds but always with the feet firmly on the ground. As a tree.

I enjoy nature, the changing seasons. The blackbird which sings before spring has started, the chestnut tree which stands all of a sudden in booklet, cows standing with their legs in the ground fog. The fragrance of the first frost if in November a cold east wind puts up.

I got respect for nature. And awe, also because of the unpredictability and the power. I saw from nearby what lightning and storm could cause.

Halfway the 1980s I started photography as my hobby. I love to be outdoors and like to walk so I took the camera along with me. I mainly photographed landscapes and nature and I became member of a photography club and started with black and white printing. Within 10 years that hobby dried up because of the limitations. I couldn't catch the atmosphere I was looking for. With the arrival of the digital photography many of those limitations were gone and it gave me more possibilities to express my creativity. In 2004, I bought a digital SLR camera and that meant a second start of my hobby. Now, three years later, it has become more than a hobby and I held three exhibitions.

I have something with trees so that became automatically the head subject of my photography. Almost all my photos are of trees which are differently. Trees with character. Trees which radiate massive strength, or sensuality. For this reason you would not encounter me frequently in production woods. Wooded banks are very interesting for me. Trees with different shapes, some old, some dead with no bark. A number of photos are processed on my computer to strengthen a mystic, fairy-like atmosphere. Always without manipulating the subject. It's very important to me that the subject is as real as in real life. When you recognize a face or a head of a pig in one of my tree photos I can assure you that they are real and not moulded on my pc. I gladly want to share my moments of amazement with you.



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